Our Faces – Our Stories

The online platform “Our Faces – Our Stories” is a joint project of victims of compulsory measures and placements in care and historians.

Together with filmmakers, experts from the fields of digitalisation, communication, history didactics and archives, we have designed and implemented the multimedia platform Our Faces – Our Stories. It is supported by the association Our Faces – Our Stories.

Our Intention

With the documentary and multimedia online platform “Our Faces – Our Stories” we want to make an important and at the same time for many people traumatising piece of Swiss social history accessible in a novel way.

The experiences of those affected by compulsory social measures and placements in care take centre stage. People affected, partners, children and professionals get a chance to speak. This not only reveals the biographic paths of those directly affected, but also the effects of such experiences on the family and social structure over generations.

For many of those affected, it is still not easy to talk about what they experienced. The persons who talk and show their faces need courage to do so. Each of them makes an important contribution to the discussion of this part of our history that continues to have an effect.

The Core Team

Black and white portrait of Mario Delfino.

Mario Delfino

“With the online platform we want to reveal the extent and the consequences of compulsory measures and placements in care and raise awareness for the topic. Because the questions from back then remain relevant to the day.”

Black and white portrait of Loretta Seglias

Loretta Seglias

“For the development of the online platform we worked together in a team, persons affected by compulsory measures and historians. Together and with equal rights, we acquired and compiled historical knowledge.”

Black and white portrait of MarieLies Birchler.

MarieLies Birchler

“Discrimination and violence are still present today. Our story urges us not to look away and to have the courage to name abuses.”

Our Faces – Our Stories has received a lot of support.

We thank all who shared their experiences, time and knowledge with us.

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We continue to ensure that the topic of compulsory social measures and placements in care is visible and that it is anchored in school curricula.

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