Information for Affected Persons and Relatives

Search for Information About One’s Own Life Story

Good starting points to search for information on one’s own life story or the story of a relative are the state archives of the respective canton. Their staff possess in-depth knowledge on compulsory social measures and placements in care and are experienced in searching for files. The guide to searching for files published by the Guido Flury Foundation might also be helpful.

Enquiries can also be addressed directly to the home community or place of residence. However, these authorities usually are less proficient than the staff of the cantonal state archives, which is why they usually require precise information (years, names, and places).

The cantonal contact points also offer support with file searches and other concerns.

The project searching for traces from the story telling bistro supports those affected in their search for people who lived with them together in a home.

Information on Solidarity Contribution and on the Political and Scientific Reassessment

Solidarity Contribution

According to the “Federal Act on Compulsory Social Measures and Placements prior 1981”, victims of compulsory social measures and placements in care can apply for a so-called solidarity contribution. For further information and the application form:

Political and Scientific Reassessment

Here the Compulsory Social Measures Section of the Federal Office of Justice has compiled information on the political and scientific reassessment.

Support Measures

The “Federal Act on Compulsory Social Measures and Placements prior 1981” includes promoting so-called self-help projects of victims’ organisations and the provision of financial assistance.

Hotline of the Magazine “Beobachter” for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy

The Beobachter supports victims of sexual assaults by Catholic clergy in submitting a request for financial compensation and in being referred to a victim support centre. On the website you will find the number of the hotline, a sample letter and a sample application.

Other Organisations and Associations on the Topic

Agir pour la dignité
Association of victims of compulsory social measures from the French-speaking Switzerland

Verein Fremdplatziert
Community of interests of former institutionalised children, foster children, orphans, adopted children and “Verdingkinder”

Netzwerk Verdingt
Association of former “Verdingkinder” and institutionalised children, Bern region

Verein RAVIA
Association for the rehabilitation of people in administrative detention

Stiftung Naschet Jenische
Foundation for the reassessment of the history “Kinder der Landstrasse”

Radgenossenschaft der Landstrasse
Umbrella organisation of the travelling and settled Yenish people in Switzerland

Careleaver Schweiz
Umbrella organisation of care leavers for care leavers today

Counselling and information centre in Zurich for sexually exploited children, adolescents and for women and men who were sexually exploited during childhood

Kinderanwaltschaft Schweiz
Information on legal representation of children

Contact point for child and adult protection