Many of the affected persons have managed to survive their traumatic childhood experiences in the long term. They have found strategies to deal with their experiences. This ability is called resilience.

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How Can One Survive This?

There are many sources of strength – they range from the relationship with people and animals, to faith, music and art. They help to strengthen the personal resources.

How people survive the adversities of life and find ways to live on even after traumatising experiences is a topic of resilience research since the 1950s. There are different models for this. They all share the conviction that the necessary resources for resilience can be strengthened. ...

Reprocessing Traumas

Therapeutic work can help to cope better with an experience and its consequences.

Drawing, gray, pink, violet, and green on a white background, created in the late 1970s, watercolor on paper.

MarieLies Birchler: “The Buried Child”, late 1970s: The attempt to protect oneself. The lid still holds tight. Above her it is bubbling and life-threatening. At the same time the lid prevents her from breaking free into life; soon she will blast herself free to live.

MarieLies Birchler has sought therapeutic help and thereby also found the strength to talk to the nuns of Ingenbohl who had abused her for many years.

“For All Those Whose Dignity Has Been Violated”

For many people, music has a great importance. For traumatised people music can be a source of strength and inspiration at the same time.

“Placement in Care From the Perspective of Those Children”, Yvonne Barth, recording from 21st August 2022, Hard Studios Winterthur. © Our stories – Our faces, 2022

Yvonne Barth sang the self-composed song “Placement in Care From the Perspective of Those Children” at the commemorative event for victims of compulsory social measures and placements in the canton of Basel-Stadt on October 25, 2021. Her song puts the experience into words and at the same time renders the energy of her own resilience audible.

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